Poem: “My Son”

My Son

When I had my son,

It was the happiest day of my life.

I was locked up so I felt terrible,

But good at the same time.

When he was born,

I knew that I could start my life over

Because I was going to give him what I didn’t have,

A father.

I missed everything about not having a father

I wish he was in my life

I wouldn’t be in here.

I had to take it upon myself to take care of my mother

To be the man of the house

Buy groceries,


I’m going to give my son everything I didn’t get from my dad –

Unconditional love.

I will give him everything he wants,


Poem: “Home Sweet Home”

Home Sweet Home


Home sweet home I can just taste it…

Home sweet home I’m racing for it…

Home sweet home when I can just sit and have family time…

Home sweet home I miss taking care of what’s mine…

Home sweet home I feel it,

Leaving off this facility it’s almost my time…

Home sweet home I have a feeling I’m about to go home

So I’mma keep saying the line

Home sweet home,

Home sweet home.

Poem: “Don’t Look Back Look Forward!”

Don’t Look Back, Look Forward!!!


I don’t look back, I look forward

‘Cause looking back at the past just makes stress

You got to look in the future to achieve

And also believe and keep faith

So this is my little speech

To all my fellow people

Don’t look back

Look forward!!!

Poem: “Reach That Light”

* Reach That Light *

I wrote this to motivate myself everyday and everybody else who is going through hard times struggling

You are the success to your own achievements

Don’t ever, ever, never forget that!

You have come a far way to turn back

Just keep on moving you are almost there

Life is full of surprises and it definitely ain’t fair

You are in a long race so stay focused and keep runnin’

Don’t look back

Ease up

Prepare for what’s comin’

Let nobody get to you ‘cause you are who you are

Not who they think you are

You are created for a purpose

For something really special

Brave of the bravest you are

I know that for sure

You are genius as well

Don’t let your talents pour down the drain for nothin’

‘Cause that’s a waste

Let your abilities soar

One day you will find your place

Right now you are goin’ through a dark tunnel

Learnin’ meanings of life

Almost to your destination you will reach that light

With God in your mind

Your spirit and your soul

Everything is goin’ to be alright

You will win this fight for sure

Poem: I Used to Work at the Jail

I Used to Work at the Jail

by a Community Supervision Officer

When you say I want to see you locked up,

what I want to say is that I used to work there

and I would never want to see you go back there.

When you say I want to see you locked up,

what I want to say is that your family deserves for you to be in the community,

but I can’t make those decisions for you.

When you say I want to see you locked up,

what I want to say is that your past does not have to dictate your future,

but you have to learn the lesson for yourself.

When you say I want to see you locked up,

what I want to say is that I used to work at the jail

and that experience is why I’m your Community Supervision Officer today,

to see the change beyond the jail.