Penitentiary’s Soul


Penitentiary’s therapy
Thriller of the cage;
Or is it rage?
An emaciated man
covered in a crimson crown,
head unbowed.
Stall-fed verifier
Subsisting on other’s tears
Or is it fear?
Herculean beastly forearm.
Crisscrossed with scars;
Each slice a clash
With weakness.
IN the center of your pain.
IN the center of your fear.
Penance or punishment,
Heaven or hell
Monastery or grace?

You, alone decide.


  1. This was an amazing poem! It had a great rhythm, I could imagine it being read out loud. You have a really specific voice that’s lovely to read. The final line drove home your message in a clear way. Keep writing, you’re great at it!

  2. Jonah Thompson says

    I love the rhyme scheme in this poem. It gives it a nice flow.

  3. The imagery that you incorporate is spot on…….powerful messages here……..keep writing……your message is needed in this world!

  4. Kimberlie Hogan says

    There is a pattern of rhyme (cage/rage, tears/fears) . that is lost in the end. If you can find a way to add towards the end the read would be consistent. The mood of your poem is engaging and serious. It connects your audience to your pain and experience. Keep writing. I enjoyed this poem.

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