Pen-Spilled Emotions


As my pen spills an emotion I don’t know if I’m physically
Able to verbalize the words that are written on my heart
They are caught because I don’t want to release them
With ill intentions, but knowing the truth sometimes hurts
And knowing what these words may cause, I seek the best way
To say them without causing division or discomfort hoping
You’ll understand at times the right words can’t be found
Or said so I rather show you through my action
If all fails I’m left to let my pen continue to spill my
Emotions that are written on my heart


  1. Sarah S. says

    This is such a deceptively simple and beautiful poem. Ten lines don’t seem like enough to convey such a powerful sentiment, and yet they are in this poem. I don’t know exactly what words are written on your heart, JC, but through this poem you’ve allowed the reader a small glimpse into your heart, and we can see how kind it is. I hope you find a way to say the words in the way that you want, but even if you don’t, I think that this poem says much more than you realize.

  2. Jessica Garratt says

    I can really feel the visceral tension and struggle in this poem between emotions written on the heart and what can be made “physical” in the world by writing words on a page. I can feel the space of in-between, where the emotions try to verbalize, but where there are things holding them back from being verbalized too. It’s a powerful and brave space to write from!

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