Pain Builds


So why break?
I used to hate it
Be terrified of it
Then I tolerated it
And gave into it
Laughed at it
Ignored it
For years despised it
But now I’m used to it

So I build
Stretching over that tall wall of strength
To manhood from “thug life”
Being in good ways to gain my wisdom
For another Mission Possible
To become a gentleman
And believe me—we can make it
Because pain builds


  1. Just beautiful. Welcome to the school of hard knocks. ; ) Don’t lose sight of your goals. The path to success is a rocky one, but I know you can make it.

  2. AR — As someone once sad, wisdom is nothing more than pain healed … sounds like you are exploring that process now. Your poem has beautiful, thoughtful themes of regeneration, acceptance and growth and I hope these are ideas that become reality for you in your daily life.

    Keep growing, keep forgiving, keep writing!

  3. Your poem is inspiring….you can make your life meaningful!

  4. I love this. The way you started with a question, the “Mission Possible” part, the message. Beautiful, thank you.

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