My Mother


If only words could show
The depth of my heart
Or the love I have for her
My mother
A strong black mother
Who through adversity stayed strong
Single yet still held on
Embrace me within your arms
Your gentle voice saying
“We’ll make it through the storm”
My joy comes from you
My strength
My will
And my love too
Without you there is no me
You mean the world
So for you I wear my heart on my sleeve


  1. Wow, MS what a beautiful tribute to your mother! She sounds like such a strong and loving woman.

    I like how you use the structure of the lines in the poem for emphasis –
    “My mother
    A strong black mother”
    “My joy comes from you
    My strength
    My will
    And my love too”

    It would be great if you could work some rhyming into it.

    Very nice work! Please keep writing! – Emily

  2. tracy Heifetz says

    This poem about Mother is BEAUTIFUL!!! It is really moving, and will inspire me to hold my children more in times of frustration and storms….I thank you for that!!

  3. Your heartfelt love certainly comes through in this poem. As a reader of many poets in the program, I’ve seen this theme before. It makes me ask questions that I imagine must have gone through your mind many times as well: “How did I make the mistakes I did that landed me in jail when I have a mom who loves me so much and who I don’t want to disappoint? What forces out there temporarily won out over the strength and love of my mom?” I have never seen anyone write a poem that deals with the guilt–and with the reality of urban teen life–in relation to a mother’s love. I would love to read such a poem by someone who obviously has the heart to write it like you do.

  4. This words are so beautiful. I was touched as I read this poem, as I could feel the emotion coming through.

  5. This poem is brimming with emotions–love, regret, melancholy, hope– and yet it never feels over-the-top. I think it would be very beautiful as a ballad that could be sung. I hope you can show this to your mother because you are also her joy, her strength, and her will.

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