My Life

By BP 

 My life
 Living it bad and doing it wrong
 I need a change just like that poor man on the street
 In and out this life
 It’s like a wish
 I wish and I wish for a change
 Losing my friends and family
 For that change I wish and I wish
 I can change
 Seeing my mother cry
 And losing me and my life
 And mama losing me
 That change
 That change
 Got that change


  1. I can feel your need for change in your writing. Keep working that thought and I’m sure you’ll find what you need to make it real, and do a lot of great writing. Stay strong.

  2. Gary
    Its always best to know when a change is in need. Because we all face change now its up to us if we want it to be good or bad. But you have made the choice to change for the good. continue down your path and not allow anyone to get you off it…

  3. [I liked this and noticed 11 others liked it too, before me.]

    Dear BP,

    Your heart sounds hungry, and I wish you every support for your change. It is so good when there are others around who support us through the changes we make first in our hearts, and then in the way we live our life.

    Kia Kaha – ‘Be Strong’

    Anasera (WilderSoul)

  4. Mbachur Mbenga says

    Change for the better is amazing, change is also hard.
    BP I want you to know that I know you are capable of changing, and that you will change. I am so inspired and touched by your great words. Continue to keep up the good work.

  5. Andre Williams says

    BP, I like how you compared your need for change to someone who was poor and on the street. Continue to change and grow.

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