Midnight Pause of Nature


Express Yourself
You are true
Unbound by space and time
Down to earth, Paradise within reach

I breathe in the mountain air
This is the way of nature
The sun arises over the mountain
I express gratitude and reverence

I yearn to walk barefoot in the grass
Is it safe?
The moon turns orange on my right and shines
through my window
Is it looking at me?

The geese disappear
What happened?
The flowers are gone
Did I do something wrong?

I would love to eat from a fruit tree
It brings delight to my taste buds
I see a rainbow in my sink
Did it just wink at me as a coded message in time?


  1. I love the details in this that are grounded in the senses.

  2. Sadie Davis says

    JW, This is a beautiful poem. I can smell the grass and feel the wind as I read it. You have a great gift of creating atmosphere and sensations with your writing. Do you know the poems of Langston Hughes? Your imagination and memory are very powerful and you are fortunate to be able to channel them into your work. I look forward to reading more of your poems. You are not forgotten. Many of us are working on issues of racism and incarceration and are maintaining the hope that future generations will treat each other better each year. I hope you find peace of mind each day and continue to write and share your work.

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