Love Is Pain


They say when you love someone
you don’t treat them bad
and it’s sad because through the mud
her heart, I continuously dragged.
Love sometimes makes me blind
and I totally lose track of time
thinking she’s forever mines.
But I’m not understanding the signs:
the crying, quietness, watching TV,
rolling her eyes. She tired of my lies.
She knows I’m not faithful
She knows I cheat
so I confess my disloyalty ‘cause
accountability is the key.
She’s gone and I can’t sleep.
In all reality, she deserve someone
better than me.
Baby, I know every heart must break,
and every tear must fall
out of every love I ever had
you was the best of them ALL.
P.S. I miss you.


  1. Reid Baron says

    Heartbreaking–so difficult to accept responsibility. Keep writing thru the pain.

  2. Catherine Davis says

    Dear AG,
    I’m glad you were able to recognize and admit your mistakes and ask forgiveness. That is a very hard thing to do and not everyone is able to do that. Good job! All of us can learn about admitting our wrongs and asking forgiveness from people like you. I hope you find peace of mind and continue to share your insights with those around you.

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