Justice Is Blind


Justice is blind
or so I’m told
can’t see a thing
through that blindfold

She cannot see
color of skin
wealthiest king
or poorest kin

The Queen’s English
status by words
the ignorant
by misused verbs

My place of birth
my motherland
whether I am
woman or man

Adds to her choice
which way sword steers
she may be blind
but she can hear

Let’s not forget
her weighing scales
where pocketbooks
always prevail

The innocent
weigh a feather
silver or gold
weigh much better

And to her sword
the choice is clear
unbalanced scale
prejudice ear

Justice is fair
I’ve heard men say
because her sword
can cut both ways

Tooth for a tooth
eye for an eye
live by the sword
and you shall die

But if you’re rich
you need not fear
unbalanced scales
whisper in ear


  1. Judy Mandel says

    I love the spare use of language here that wields a powerful punch. Well done.

  2. kassidilenae says


    Wow, this poem speaks volumes. Your diction and rhythm keep the poem flowing, and your message is clear. It is difficult to address injustice adequately, but you do it so well. Keep writing! We hear you.


  3. Cyrill Maceda says

    This is very empowering to read. The imagery is amazing and it definitely gives a new perspective as to how cruel and dark the American Justice System truly is.

  4. cyrill maceda says

    The imagery of this poem is very amazing. I was moved by the tone of the poem because not only does it give a different perspective of the American Justice System but it definitely shows how cruel and evil it is.

  5. Dear TG,

    This poem is so well written and very powerful and relevant. I like how you use the stanzas with four short lines, it makes the poem clean and flow well. Also, the use of close end rhymes is so skilled — like steers and hear, scales and prevail, feather and better. I am so impressed. The content of the poem is very meaningful, especially in the context of today’s political and social events. You imply that money (pocketbooks, silver, gold) influence Justice’s scales, the world is not as fair as it seems. So sad but true. I really like how you personify Justice, making her a person, because I think a concept can seem perfect and fair, but people are certainly influenceable and flawed. Amazing work.

    Best wishes,

  6. Hey! this poem is really good! I like how you went from describing the statue of the judge to the actual judging that takes place. This poem has good emotion to it. The rhyming is also good. All in all I feel like this poem has a good flow throughout the entire thing!

  7. Andrea Nelson says

    Overall I really loved your poem. I enjoyed how you broke up your words into short lines to give the poem rhythm. I also think you did a good job of getting your message across clearly and cleverly. I agree that the justice system favors those who are wealthy and white.

  8. TG, your poem is so wonderfully written. It has such a powerful message on the injustice and inequality in our world today. It really highlights how what they try teach us about everything being fair and just is not really how it is. That there is a lot of prejudice in the world. You write very well. I wish you the best.

  9. Hi, TG–this is a really interesting poem. Your first line “Justice is blind or so I am told” prepares the reader for the idea that you develop throughout. Your poem shows us that there is a very fine line between justice and injustice.
    Please keep writing.

  10. A very powerful poem. Please keep writing!

  11. Katarina Marinkovic says

    Hey TG! I really liked your poem – your writing is amazing. I am impressed how well you use the rhymes and how realistic your poem is. I really like the seventh stanza about the innocent weighing a feather that weighs much better. Keep on writing!

  12. Hi TG, thank you for sharing this poem. This is beautifully written and eloquently critiques an element of our society that absolutely needs to be reformed — the justice system. “And to her sword
    the choice is clear
    unbalanced scale
    prejudice ear” is one of my favorite stanzas I’ve ever read in any poem; it is so impactful as it succinctly yet artfully describes the flaws in our justice system, and how our justice system is inherently designed to punish certain people more than others. This poem is very insightful and powerful — please keep writing.

  13. TG, I really enjoyed reading this poem. I read it several times, and with each read I understood deeper meanings to lines I had brushed over in previous reads. I feel I now I have a full sense of what you intended to convey, and it is a powerful message. I like how you personified justice; it is a clever way of illustrating the unequal ways in which justice is served. Thank you for sharing this perspective! Best wishes.

  14. This poem is so important. This is truly impactful and is bringing attention to the injustice that the world sees today. Speaking out against the injustice and drawing attention to it is so important in moving forward with change. The disadvantages people are facing due to poverty is overwhelming and the system is most definitely not looking out those who face that challenge. Thank you so much for sharing your impactful words with the community.

  15. Great poem written here about justice and injustice. We are now in 2020 and the fight against systemic racism and injustice for people with an abundance of beautiful melanin is still alive. I also enjoyed the set up of the poem. Every four lines feels as if that alone can suffice as it’s own message.

    Thank you,

  16. Hello TJ,

    I would like to say first, that this poem was amazing. The way you used descriptive words to write about justice as if it was a real person was astonishing. The title of this describes exactly what the poem is about. It’s quite heartbreaking to see how the justice system is and how it’s working. I hope one day that change will come. Please continue to write.

  17. This is absolutely amazing!So philosophical and thought provoking!

  18. TG, the world is horribly unfair and you capture that beautifully. The contradictions in life that people of different colors, beliefs, sexualities, genders, etc, have to face are plentiful and only by comparing them like this is it obvious how vast these differences are. Too often do we see minority and subculture groups being stereotyped and bullied by mainstream society. Even now, with technology linking people half a world apart, the families down the street are still struggling. As much as I don’t know your situation, I can empathize with my own experiences of injustice and inequality.

  19. Jescie Roberts says

    I am very impressed with the poetry here and the imagery the author portrays! I feel like usually when I read poetry I can get lost in what the writer is trying to convey but this poem very easily showed me the story that was being told! I loved the use of rhyming patterns to make the poem flow off the tongue almost like a song and I was very interested to see the different types of injustice in the world such as rich/poor, men/women, black/white and I feel like this poem took a stand and message to these worldly views! Great Job!

  20. Tanner Freeman-McMurray says

    I love the contrast between the varying details of personality and status and how Justice is suppose to unbias. The note of Justice being “blind” and yet still can “hear” shows that there is still some factors that may sway her decision. The idea that ones pockets and money can sway her opinion displays the concept that she will allow somethings to happen as long as she is bribed; therefore, this begs the question if she is really Justice or just another business. On a side note, I personally believe that the “justice” that we see is not real justice. The world is always concerned with “what” someone does and not “why.” Real justice doesn’t just condemn someone for stealing, but instead asks “why did they steal?” Should a woman be punished for stealing food when it was to feed her child? Real justice looks deeper than the action, it asks the intention.

  21. Hello, TG! I read your poem and I gotta say, it was powerful stuff. It started with the idea that Justice is blind, and not once did you need to stop and state she isn’t blind. I really feel what I think you’re trying to say, and I would agree. There is a lot of injustice in our supposed justice system, and I wish there was something I could do to change that. Maybe after high school? Should I be so lucky. Your poem just has a depth to it that I really appreciate, and I think you could even be a good lyricist if you wanted. The rhyme scheme felt good to say aloud. I hope that one day Lady Justice can be fair like she should be, but until that day I’ll treasure your poem as a beautiful work of English.

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