Jail Book Club Coordinator & Co-facilitator

We are seeking an avid reader and writer with excellent facilitation skills to provide essential support for our Jail Book Club program. This includes multiple book club/writing workshop programs at the DC Jail complex (including the Correctional Treatment Facility and Central Detention Facility) and DC’s juvenile detention facilities. The Jail Book Club Coordinator will assist with curriculum development, co-facilitation, and evaluation/tracking of book club members for three bi-weekly book clubs: Lead Up (adult men); Women’s Book Club (adult women); and Emerging Adults (young men between 18-24 years old).

Please click here for additional information about the Jail Book Club Coordinator position and the application process.

Operations & Office Manager

We are seeking an organized, tech-savvy, and systems-oriented Operations and Office Manager. The person in this role will be responsible for understanding the needs of the organization and creating and streamlining systems to keep everyone coordinated and supported. The Operations and Office Manager will play a critical role in logistical and administrative support to staff, reporting to the Deputy Director. This position requires extensive technology and systems experience for optimizing a very busy office.

Please click here for additional information about the Operations & Office Manager position and the application process.

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