Jail Bird


A bird once flew over a prison and sat on the bars of a window sill
The prisoner fed the bird crackers and the bird ate to his fill
The prisoner put water in a top for the bird to wet his beak
The prisoner done a good deed before he went to sleep

The bird didn’t leave–
He became a jail bird that didn’t know he was free


  1. Beautiful poem

  2. Glenda Charles says

    Dear AB. Your poem truly inspire me. It remind me of the story in the Bible that Jesus spoke and been in prison and no came to visit. But God has place in your heart to feed the bird, and by you doing a good deed, the bird became a part of the process. I encourage you to trust the God with all your heart and lean not unto your own understand, and he will direct your parts. Proverbs 3:1 – 6. Be encouraged. ? Glenda.

  3. Maggie Piazza Carroll says

    Chills! Just learned about this Free Minds Book Club. The writing is great. Thank you, AB.

  4. AB, this poem is amazing and really speaks volumes. So often do we take freedom for granted and it’s always important to remeber that we need to treasure it. Thank you for sharing such an incredible and power story.

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