If I Had 3 Wishes


If I had 3 wishes
I would wish for forgiveness,
Love, kindness and peace

If I had 3 wishes
I would wish for no more handcuffs
In my life

If I had 3 wishes
I would wish for another opportunity,
Honor and a great path to take
To get home and stay home

If I had 3 wishes
I would try forgetting things
That are behind, forgetting my past
And pressing toward tomorrow
Forgetting yesterday and renewing my mind
And forgetting my mistakes and erasing all of my sorrow

If I had 3 wishes
I wish I can keep focusing on the new beginning
And new lease on life
Keep focusing on the present and everything in front of me
Keep focusing on the promise of a brighter day
Without strife and focusing on my future
And knowing that I am finally free

“I wish,” “I wish,” “I wish”
If I had 3 wishes?


  1. I think this is beautiful!
    Your wishes are my wishes for you, JN.
    I will pray for you.

  2. Valerie Holland says

    Never stop believing- only you can make your wishes come true. I love your poem.

  3. JN – You’re a talented writer and I really loved reading your poem. It’s so great to hear that you are trying to turn things around and keeping a positive perspective about the future. I am inspired by you and hope you continue writing and working towards a better future.

  4. Beautiful wishes; relatable for anyone with pain in their life and hope for the future – thank you. I plan on passing it along!

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