If I Die


If I die
I want to leave a mark
That everybody could remember
Like be the first to come out of jail
And become a helpful person to the community
To be an EX-gang member
That becomes a CEO of a construction business
Or an architect that once was a felon in prison
The mark I leave
Going to maybe change the way
Hispanic youth think and act
If I die
I want to leave a mark


  1. Stand strong and you can accomplish your dream.

  2. I believe you. You can and will do it. Only you hold the power – to change/influence yourself, the people around you, children, Hispanic youths, society. Be the agent of change.

  3. CR, it’s inspirational that you not only want to make your life better but that you are also so focused on “leaving a mark” by helping others. Just by sharing your words you’re already making an impact. Keep it up, and keep writing – I’m excited to see the amazing things you’ll do.

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