I Was Once Considered A Number…


I was once considered a number

Locked away deprived of my shine.

Late night story telling through the bars to a friend,

Headline reading, from much stress and worries,

Newspaper headline and Fox 5 press stories,

Made me out to be an animal something unreal,

Like I had no heart or emotions to feel.

Free-minds changed everything with a speech I could feel

Taught me how to put my words on paper so the whole world could feel

I told me to keep my head up high and my feet down low

Promised to help me on this long road I had to go,

They have kept this promise on this road so far

Sending warm greetings and smiles from a place so far.

Now I feel in debt not just to myself but them

To prove the world wrong that I didn’t lose

But I promise to win…

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