I Sing


There is no air under my wings
But I sing to the sky
Praying 5 times
And I never ask god why
I had friends and family
But time ended

There is no air under my wings
But I sing
I sing
I give a ring to a woman who was in need of a king
To me she was like a beautiful thing
Time ended it

And yet I sing

I sing


  1. DJ,
    Thank you for your powerful poem. There is a very old song called “How Can I Keep from Singing?” Your poem reminds me of that. That song says, “In prison cell and dungeon vile, our thoughts to them are winging,
    when friends by shame are undefiled, How can I keep from singing?” I hope you keep singing and keep writing poetry.

  2. DJ,

    This a beautiful poem! I can feel your passion and hope just by the words you write. Thank you for sharing! This was such a unique poem and I really enjoyed it. Please continue to write, be hopeful and full of love!

  3. Anne Manuel says

    DJ: Your resilience is an inspiration. You’ve suffered terrible loss, but you still sing. This is a great reminder to me as I struggle with life’s ups and downs. Keep singing!

  4. This is a beautiful piece. While reading it, I got a feeling of unwavering hope and a feeling of freedom. Although things came to an end, the singing continues showing the hope that prevails at the end of the day.

  5. Naana McBrown says

    Dj, i loved this poem so much and it brought tears to my eyes. I can relate with your last couple lines, where you express how time ended what you had with a woman. I currently have someone very special to me incarcerated, and it feels as if his time is separating us, but remember to remain positive and know that what is for you will always come back. Again, loved this poem and your metaphors were amazing.


  6. Jen Deslattes says

    Your poem brings hope for anyone who reads it under any circumstance. “I sing” is a beautiful way to say “I am still going, I am not giving up no matter what, or simply…”I am”. That is truly powerful. I really enjoyed your poem. Thank you for writing it.

  7. DJ–
    Your poem is truly moving and inspiring. It is sad to read about the things that you had that time ended, but it is so inspiring that you are still able to sing, no matter what. I believe that you will have air under your wings once again. Make sure to continue to write and share your voice. Thank you for your poem!

  8. Kathleen S. Flowers says

    wow, very powerful. I feel your despair and regret, and yet I see the hope.

  9. DJ,

    Wow, great poem. I love that while things might have ended in your life, your determination to go on did not. Keep on writing and expressing everything you feel and want.

  10. Jordyn Salmon says


    The hope and sense of creativity that you keep through hardship is clear to see. My hope is that you are able to maintain your hope and never stop singing!

  11. I think everyone should learn to sing because with all of the negativity and pain going on in our world the power of music can always be used to brighten up someones life. Stay Strong and Keep Singing

  12. Gisselle Hernandez says

    Reading this was awesome. I like the way you were able to express some feelings towards this poem. It sounded so great. I could never write poems as good as you!

  13. Jane Stevens says

    Dear DJ,
    Wow! And yet you sing…I hear hope and faith in your poetry.
    All my best, Jane

  14. Sandra Miller says

    Dear DJ, thank you for this poem. It is quite extraordinary and moving. I am struck by the fact that you still sing, and I want to encourage that. Whether you know it or not, other people are also singing your song and hoping that you will feel the air beneath your wings again. Please keep writing this wonderful poetry.

  15. Coughlin / Johnson Family says

    Keep singing and keep writing poetry! I really admire your search to find something positive, and your words are moving and inspiring.

  16. Lynne Heneson says

    A wonderful poem about the resilience of the human spirit! And I just love the rhymes. “There is no air under my wings” is such a beautiful image and sets up the entire poem. Your courage is obvious. Keep writing! Best, Lynne

  17. Nice Poem keep up the good work Enjoy reading!! Blessing to you

  18. Elizabeth Diaz says

    I really enjoyed reading your short poem. My interpretation is that even when you felt defeated and that there was nothing else left for you to give, you still remained hopeful. Your faith keeps you “singing,” even after one chapter of your life closes. I think this is an excellent poem of maintaining a smile on your face even when the good things come to an end because everything happens for a reason.

  19. DJ, I feel like this poem is stuck in my head, like song lyrics! I sing…I sing. It’s really powerful. I think you have an incredible knack for making someone feel both sad and hopeful with your words…which is kind of like living life through your poems. It’s sad and it’s hopeful, at the same time. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I’m going to be thinking “I sing…I sing!” all day now. 🙂

  20. Nick Rice says

    I like the underlying message you are trying to convey through this poem. I especially like the first line. Wings are meant to be free and flying around in the warm calming air, but having no wind underneath shows the pain and that trapped feeling. I also like how you are able to put emotion into how time ended what goals could’ve been accomplished. I like how the overall tone of the poem is not of regret but of hope. A hope that there is still time in the end. Overall I really enjoyed this poem.

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