I Saw A Cloud


I saw a cloud pass by today

It reminded me of you

It was just one cloud out of many,

but out of all the clouds in the sky,

I saw it. It caught my eye and my eyes lingered

on it until it hid behind a bigger cloud

I knew it was there still, waiting a moment

before showing itself again

And there it was, with its gentle curves

and mysterious nature, one moment this shape, then the next moment another.

As the cloud passed by the sun,

it grew more bright and cheerful, but the further away it drifted, the darker it became.

It’s 4:38 now and you’re raining, and the sky is dark.



  1. Reid Baron says

    Nice feel to this.

  2. Freddie Hoskin says

    I really love how seamlessly the cloud passes from being a reminder of the person to being a representation or an embodiment of them. The shift from “It reminded me of you” to the line towards the end “It’s 4:38 now and you’re raining, and the sky is dark.” really gives the poem more dimensions. I know I’m kind of repeating myself but that second last line I just quoted is also such a stunning line just on it’s own. It’s simultaneously so matter of fact but also so beyond the ordinary. It holds both of these aspects in itself really well without feeling strained or forced. I think it will stick with me for quite a while.

  3. This is beautiful. It makes me imagine missing someone who i wish i was near who I could hold and speak to but instead all i am left with is this cloud and the sky hoping that maybe they are somehow thinking of me. Keep writing

  4. It is your nice poem. I like it. Title also suits to the poem. I like the writing style.

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