I Forgot Who I Was


I woke up one day feeling powerless & caged.
I felt lost and afraid, it was freedom I craved!

I felt like no one loved me & I was all alone.
I felt young & lost, but I’m fully grown.

Beat down by life & my own mind.
I let myself down and I started to drown.

I could not see tomorrow
& felt like I could barely get through the day.

I don’t know who I am anymore,
like my memory started to fade.

Deep down inside I know I used to be strong,
then I remember that I have been strong all along.

I might have slipped,
I might have fell.

I have to stand up,
I have to prevail.

I must be fearless,
I must be strong.

It’s a mental battle
and I’ll make it home!


  1. Lisbeth says

    I really liked the way your poem had a rhythm . It really made me feel like if I was telling myself this . I can see that you already are thinking positively about how much better it will get . I know it will because I used to tell myself the same thing and it has gotten better and it will for you too .

  2. A great read with a thought provoking journey, The content really flows and makes you feel warm inside.

  3. HW, this poem is so good! I can tell you’ve experienced so many challenges, perhaps more than most; however, you write with so much hope and determination. I’m impressed and inspired by your work.

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