Forgive Yourself


To a brother from another mother
Let’s take a long walk through the park
Some things I wish I would’ve told myself
And stayed young
Following more direction
Use them smarts Allah gave us
Wish I would’ve had someone else to guide me
Being where you’re at is the safest
But two days ago I got a plea bargain
For 10.5 to 22 years
For something I didn’t do
Who you think was affected by my situation?
None but family; no one else cried for me
No hood second thought on it with or for me
Wake up, young brothers
The streets has no hope or guidance
Like school or your family does
Take this time and before anyone else forgives you
Forgive yourself


  1. Great words

  2. for the author:
    What an amazing poem. I really felt it. I hope someone will hear the message and learn from it. keep writing!

  3. Compelling words– I really hope other young men in your situation will read this and take it to heart. My favorite line for rhythm is definitely “No hood second thought on it with or for me.” I love how you take a handful of small words and make them beautiful. For content, I love the penultimate line. As Maya Angelou said, “Forgive yourself– no one else will.” Keep writing!

  4. probably the hardest thing, to forgive yourself — and a great move to have it follow “before anyone else forgives you”. Keep on. –Grandpa D.

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