I never spoke two words to you
Yet you love me
I didn’t have to ask, however
You gave me my name
Even the place you live called home
I’m able to live just the same
I’m even cool that you always dominate our exchange
I have to feed off of you
When you’re happy, I’m ecstatic
When you’re angry, I’m mad
When you’re down, I can’t help but feel sad
I move off of you and obey your commands
One-way communication since I can’t speak
But all your words I understand
Could you ask for a better friend?


  1. “You gave me my name”- that line is so lovely! I really like how you played with perspective here. It’s clear that you care deeply about your dog. I like how you end on a question, leaving the reader wanting to hear more. You use parallel sentence structure in a way that illuminates your purpose. Can’t wait to read more from you!

  2. Kimberlie Hogan says

    This poem reminds me of my dog. So quiet and yet gives me everything I need. Powerful and thoughtfully written.

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