Dear America


I’m writing you today, a lost voice from prison
Lost and confused about this country we live in
And the people that’s in it
How do you claim to be united, when there’s so much division
So much division based on religion
Based on our culture, our sex, and our pigment
Oh America, how could you be so selfish and ignorant?
To allow a man of this nature, guide us with ignorance
On a path to destruction, I pray for deliverance
For the colored, for the poor, for the Muslim and immigrant
Oh America, Oh America, you have shown your colors
How many years in your country will my people suffer?
I shed tears for my brothers, my sisters and mothers
The words that you utter have exploited your cover
You America, have proven racism still exists
The leaders of your nation consist of white supremacists
There are those who follow them and those who are against
A war within your people, your country’s at risk
I fear for you America, but I pray that I am wrong
Sincerely, yours truly, I—– S—–.


  1. Powerful and to the point. Keep up the good work!

  2. Sadie Davis says

    Dear IS,
    Your poem is powerful and speaks to so many of the problems that our country needs to admit to and deal with. It is not acceptable to treat humans the way we treat so many of our fellow Americans today. Because of that, I would kneel with Colin Kapernick (Have you heard about the NFL controversy? Many players have knelt during the national anthem to protest the ongoing racism in our country. I am happy to see athletes use the spotlight to make a political stand). Your writing is moving and I hope that many people will see it. I want you to know that you are not forgotten. Many of us are working to try to make things better in this country. We will keep struggling to make the country and the world a better place. In case you are wondering, I am a middle-aged white lady. I hope you will keep writing and find some peace of mind each day as you write.

  3. I read this poem and instantly felt connected to it. I know a lot of people going through this especially my older brother that is currently incarcerated.

  4. Catherine Davis says

    Thank you, IS. You have put into words all the things that I am feeling. I am on the “outside”, but I share your concerns. Your words are very important. You are not forgotten. Many of us are thinking of you and the others that are incarcerated. We are trying to work on the many justice issues that need fixing. Your poetry is very important. It helps those who have turned a blind eye to the many injustices that minorities, immigrants, and the poor are facing. Your words are honest, emotional, and important. I hope that you will continue to write. I hope that you will find peace of mind through your creative outlets and I am praying for you to experience love and forgiveness.

  5. This peom really toched my heart and made me feel connected to your struggles, and how you experience life on the daily. This showed me how you feel about our country and how scary it can be.

  6. Wow. This is what people in our society need to listen to. This poem sums up my current feelings about the U.S. amazingly well. Thank you for sharing it.

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