The Computer


I was given this computer when I was born
And I think it’s crashed
This computer contained
Everything about my past
I turned it off then tuned it on
And still getting a blank screen
There’s no internet on this computer
Just the things I’ve seen  
When I got it, I was told
I had a lifetime full of storage
They didn’t lie to me
I just used it poorly
I think my computer’s beat
Like Goldilocks full of porridge
The IT guy down on 35 K says I just need to reboot it
Let it rest for a couple days
He said it’s been through so much
Too much drink, so many jays
I said can I just erase its data
Or throw the thing away
He said no, you silly boy
A mind’s a terrible thing to waste


  1. excellent poem. Great metaphors, I loved the imagery. It feels dark, ironic, unsure of a way forward. Very very nice.

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