My City, Our City


My city, my city
Not my city, but our city has become theirs
Can’t figure out why the rich can’t share
My city
Our city has become full
Torn between the two
Wealthy n’ poor
My city, our city, when will it change
Been saving pennies since I was wearing pennies
Waiting on a list that stays the same 
My city, our city
Tragedy strikes
My city, our city has lost our wrong from the right
Pushing us out and pulling them in
Million dollar mortgages we can’t afford rent
Yes my city
Our city built on blood sweat n’ tears
My city, our city
Has now become theirs!
My city, our city
What shall we do
Besides unite side by side and minus the two
Reclaim our city
Come together as one
Only by reuniting our city can we get the job done!


  1. This is a very powerful poem. The writer has taken on an issue that others have required long articles and books to address, and has gotten right to the heart of it in no time.

    The plaintive line at the beginning, “Can’t figure out why the rich can’t share,” and the straightforward line in the middle, “Million dollar mortgages we can’t afford rent,” particularly stand out to me as carrying this poem forward.

    Thank you for sharing this poem.

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