To My Youths


Don’t let my action be your consequences
Don’t let my lie be your truth
Don’t let my ways be your path 
Don’t let my likes be your loves

Don’t let my past be your future 
Don’t let my knowledge stop your knowledge from growing
Let my past be your ambition to do better
Because at the end of the day your choices
Will be the outcome of your future which
Is the youths after you


Please educate Allah’s children everyday

A Call to Action



Running from terror
Chasing freedom
Only to find themselves stuck in cages
Searching for love

Met with hatred
Surrounded by foreign faces
Willing to work to pave the way

Those in power won’t open the gates
Families divided across the states
Hoping and praying for better days
Will us American people come to their aid

Have our once freed land become
A fascist state?

Feather Me


Can I fly with you guys
Where I belong, or is it because I’m a crow
I don’t know why I’m perceived as evil
But my physical existence is the same as a seagull
But does color really matter?
I glance at the pretty blue jays
And I’m very amazed how cardinals became an NFL logo on Sundays
Doves are love, and hummingbirds sing soft melodies
And vultures should be charged with multiple felonies
I just want to fly in the sky and rest in a nest
Eat worms when it’s my turn, I’ll never butt in line and be greedy
I’m considerate of the needy
I thank the humans for throwing me bread
I observe like an owl, and listen to what was said
I’m a bird, just a different color
So don’t judge black birds as evil and dirty
But learn us so the world will think we’re worthy

Dead Men on the Radio


~~In tribute to some of my favorite musicians. RIP. ~~

I heard a dead man on the radio
He was singing about his life
He said he was talking to the Man in the Mirror
He told me it didn’t matter if you’re black or white

I heard a dead man on the radio
He was singing memories of his father from way back when
It was a sad song
He just wanted for his momma to have one more dance with his father again

I heard a dead man on the radio
He sang of champions, his friends, and Killer Queens
I liked when he spoke of dynamite and laser beams
He was a really great entertainer by all means

I heard a dead man on the radio
He spoke of Space Cowboys and Jungle Love
He wanted to Fly Like an Eagle
I imagine he is now flying high in the sky above

I heard a dead man on the radio
He claimed to be free like a bird
He asked me to be a Simple Man
I hung onto every word


Stanza 1: Michael Jackson
Stanza 2: Luther Vandross
Stanza 3: Freddie Mercury (Queen)
Stanza 4: Steve Miller Band
Stanza 5: Lynyrd Skynyrd  

The Unknown Words of Solitude


They say I should be used to living in a cage
Because all my life I have been trapped in pain
But if they only knew solitude educated me and kept me from going insane

It’s true that I am a product of my community
And I continue to pray that one day society would stop judging me
And give me equal opportunity

The color of my skin doesn’t speak of who I am
So your insults don’t affect me mentally because I am well educated, talented
And proud of who I am

America can be so cruel and mean
But that has never stopped me from believing in my American dream

Hard times in the ghetto raised me to be mentally and emotionally strong
So when they tell me I will never be nothing after prison
It only motivates me to prove them wrong

I know that life after prison can be a success
Especially if I continue to be determined to succeed and have faith in myself