Sometimes I Cry


I told a million lies now it’s time to tell a single truth
Sometimes I cry!
It’s hard dealing with my pride not knowing whether to fight or flee
Sometimes I cry
Hard to maintain this image of a tough guy
When deep down inside I am terrified!
If I ever told you I wasn’t scared I lied
Struggling to make it back to society and my family
I cry
I cry for my son who I barely see
Due to these mountains
And me and his mom’s beef
I cry for my siblings who never knew their older brother
Because he stayed in the streets
I cry for my grandma who is now deceased
I cry for my life, half of which they took for me
I cry for my anger and rage the only emotions I can show in this place
I cry for how we treat each other inside these walls
I cry for the lack of unity we have most of all!
When will it end I want to know
Till then all I can do is let these tears flow…


By: AH
Dedicated 2 My Moms

Ma, I want to apologize for the weight that my life choices have placed upon u,
more over I want to thank u for burying that weight.
This world has placed a heavy burden upon your shoulders
But u carry that weight like a true soldier
Smiling when the circumstance ask of u to cry
Telling the truth refusing to lie
A Goddess is what I see in u Read More

Staring at the Wall


I was warned there’d be times like these
But nothing could’ve prepared me for Dr. Swartz
Who comes around once a week
Peeking in my cell like he knows me better than I know myself
I’ll bet he gets a kick out of seeing a 22 year old
Who has been locked away in a cell since he was 16
Who has 30 more to go if a blessing doesn’t come through this damn wall
That he’s been staring at for the past 6 hours Read More

The Tears of a Prisoner


When I weep, I weep for those of us who’ve, as a result of our own whims, paid the price of our freedom.
I cry for those of us who’ve been forewarned of our demise and still….remained heedless.
I mourn for my people, who incarceration has weakened.
My tears fall for this broken justice system, that’s failed the masses.
I cry for my peers in handcuffs, restraints and shackles.
For young Michael and Freddie, my tears flow steady. Read More

Body of Words


Call it what you want, I’m going to call it how I feel
But one thing we all know is I’m going to keep it real
I believe it was “Will” who made me carry around that cold steel
See what I mean?
That’s the dummy in me
Who believed instead of working for it, it was better to steal Read More