A Mother’s Love


Your mother’s love is tender and soft
You’re her employee and she’s the boss
She gave you life and gives you love
Everlasting joy and never-ending hugs
She was there from the start
And you’ll be there until her end
She’s my mother, my sister,
And my favorite best friend


  1. Beautiful.

  2. [I ‘liked’ this, and ten other bloggers ‘liked’ it before me. And I gave it a five-star rating!]

    I love the last line as it expresses such purity of love – my mother, my sister, my favourite best friend. The whole thing expresses such love! Neverending, everlasting… I want to give this poem to my mother. Thanks, IS!


  3. Mbachur Mbenga says

    Your mom will appreciate this so much!
    I love this!!

  4. Andre Williams says

    IS, your poem is very touching. I love how you openly express the love and special bond that you and your mother share. Continue to write and be open with your feelings.

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