Poem: “Mystery Lover”

Mystery Lover

This girl dun blind my view like a shiny watch,
She has my head thinkin’ emotional like the speech at the Million Man March.
Sometimes I just reminisce and smile,
Because of how much I miss her.
Her ways, her style, her whole demeanor,
I never knew I would find such a strong, independent black sistah
that I could talk to like she is my biological sistah.
She knows who’s real and who’s a wangsta
So don’t try to bring your weak game if you a pranksta.
Most dudes can’t even handle her
They say she too aggressive or mean,
I say that’s my mystery lover
You just don’t know how to persuade her.

Poem: “Sphinx’s Princess”

Sphinx’s Princess

Jeweled beyond compare
Worth more than worth,
More beautiful than nature
My sphinx’s princess.

Poem: “My Dearest One”

My Dearest One

There are no words 2 express
how much I truly care.
So many times I fantasize of
feelings we can share.
My heart has never known
the joy u bring 2 me.
As if God knew what I wanted
and made u a reality.
I’d die 2 hold u or 2 kiss u,
or merely to see your face.
My stomach quivers, my body shivers
and my heart increases pace.
2 give me money or lots of gold,
would not be the same 2 me.
I prayed and watched the distant stars,
and finally u came 2 me.

Poem: “True Feelings”

True Feelings

You make me happy
You make me smile
You make my blood
run like the river
called the Nile
And it’s so cold
you wrap me up
in towel just like
I was your child
You the reason I
think of black power
because you is
a strong black woman
who I desire

Lyrics: “Street Ambition”

Street Ambition


This a crazy life that I’ve been given
Wondering if the life that I’m livin’, Is based on me makin’ decisions
Stuck in da streets running and duckin’ from these prisons
All because a vision, of me having a street ambition

(Verse 1)
Can u picture a picture by lookin’ at a the frame?
My life’s sort of the same, except I’m a picture of what I’ve became
Without a frame I’m unstabilized tryna find balance
Traveling through the valley of darkness with all this senseless violence
Tryna find the reason y the Lord put me on this earth
‘Cause ever since my birth my moms left and showed me how much I’m worth
Waking up in the bed wit cold sweats and piss around my legs
Feeling 4 a figure in the dark that wasn’t never there
So how wasn’t it fair when I chose the streets over family?
Ain’t nobody hold me down but Grandma Redz, Auntie, and Triece
Mawn did good but she couldn’t neva settle my peace
The only one who was missin’ was the one who developed me
Ever since a fetus u rubbed yo stomach and promised me
When I made my journey 2 this world that I’ll live stress-free
I guess I had to bring a fee ’cause all my life I had 2 pay
4 a broken promise that was made before my birthday

(Verse 2)
Sometimes I try to find a way 2 get away from this life
But if I end it all 2nite will I really live twice?
Ain’t no heaven made for a man wit a suicide attempt
Unless my suicide was meant 2 save someone that I intend
But I can’t c myself doing something I can prevent
Unless I gotta air someone out in order for me to vent
My anger is held in contempt ’cause it burst impulsively
So don’t say nuthin’ 2 me and u won’t b made history
My biography comes from a background full of struggle
From getting’ in trouble 2 now fixin’ this puzzle
Looking back at the past life of me being a toddler
Another child with a destiny aging without his father
Prison was my downfall but it beats meeting the alter
This probably a calling from God to get my life in order
U know ur mind’s corrupt when u’ll die 4 a quarter
In 2 deep wit the streets that I was trap on a corner