Poem: “If There Were More”

If There Were More…

If there were more things for the children to do in the community,
it would decrease murder, drug dealing from the youth.
Put recreational centers for them.
When the kids growing up and see people on the corner
with money and cars, shooting every night
they are going to like it
and want to become a fast money getter.

Look at it in a different way.
We are not raised this way
but people think children don’t see anything
but we see it all
then we become a victim of the system.

It took for me to come to jail to want something in life.
I want to be a firefighter or an architect.
But if there were more things for me to do in my neighborhood
I would not be here.
If there were more things for us children to do…

Instead of waiting, let’s take action and help the children,
so they can become successful and not disrespectful.

If there were more…

Poem: “Redemption”



is a lot on your mind

so it makes me want to shine

so when people look they might go blind

I live in the tree something like a pine

when I reach I’m reaching for the sun

and it’s the first time …

I’m not reaching for a gun.

Poem: “The Road for Me”

The Road for Me

Three months I’ve been in jail in one month it changed me.
My first poem “Change” was the new me.
I’m mad it took this to help me see.
There’s better things than just being on the block doing nothing.
I understand that you many have grew up on crime and don’t know anything.
But change is easy just let it be.
The things I did was for the adrenaline rush and out of curiosity.
I’ve done what I wanted and I won’t look back twice.
I’m looking forward to a better life.
I’m telling you if you’re doing crimes that road will leave you no reward at the ending.
I’m telling you that’s the wrong road from the beginning.

Poem: “Hear My Words”

Hear My Words


A soul and free will to do things is a gift from God.

Abusing my free will instead of listening, I ended up in jail. I feel like a retard.

My family knocked some sense into me and made me realize I only have one life to live.

My life I’m trying to live, people try to pull me down, it makes me feel as slavery is still around.

On top of that, within me is peace, at war with a beast when you look into my eyes maybe you can see.

Anger is an emotion I see that will always be, but patience is there to tame the feeling within me.

To forgive and forget is the best way to learn patience, do you agree?

Things that I’ve been doing have been assisting to be one with myself, you can say I’m finding me.

Change is one of the biggest factors that helped me if you change for the better good things will happen.

Look at me, I’m not speaking, but you hear me loudly. Call it my silent voice. My poems are the ship and my words are the captain. 

I’m up all night arranging my letters to try to change the world because I feel no need for napping.

I watch as people hear my words and a lot of people they are attracting.

Poem: “Unknown Victim”

Unknown Victim

I was once a boy who was just a paycheck
being shipped around like the property he was.
I was once a boy who cried between the bars
that kept him away from the life he once call home.
I was once a boy who was lost without his mother
that was addicted to the pain that was keeping him away.
I was once a boy who didn’t know the man
that made him into a seed to have a life by a mother in love.
I was once a boy who thought having a gun
was something to value.
I was once a boy who was criminalized
by his society.
I was once a boy who had talent but sold his dream to the society
and got nothing in return but a flight to prison.
I was once a boy whose goal was set to be the man I am today,
a man that realizes his people are the most privileged people in America.
A man that realizes school was then the only place he can read all day
but he chosen prison because that where his corruption had leaded him to.
A man that realizes he had to build his temple with the proper tools
that have been given to him to go back into the society
to save those who are still in a slave state of mind.
A man that realizes we need to do what we have to do so we can do what we want to do
and that is to uplift those who are still hanging onto the darkness of their lower-self
and give them a grip of love, truth, peace, freedom and justice
so they won’t continue to feed corruption to the mind of our youth
because children today are our future and we need them to stand on top of the lightness of their higher-self