Paulo’s Story

Paulo was just 17 years old when he was charged and incarcerated as an adult at the DC Jail.

When he looks back he sees a lost young man with no goals or dreams. “I didn’t think much about my future or my life. I lived day-by-day. I was too preoccupied with hanging out with my friends, stealing and causing problems,” he says now.

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Free Minds Raises New Friends

Supporters old and new gathered at the elegant Marvin Bar and Bistro in Northwest DC on March 25th, to learn more about the work of Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop. Guests loved the delicious soul food appetizers generously donated by Marvin, but more than anything they enjoyed the chance to meet Free Minds members themselves.

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Local Author Visits Free Minds Book Club

On Friday, February 27, 2009, guest author DaWayne Williams came to speak to the incarcerated youth of the Free Minds Book Club. The author of Reputations Fade Away, a true chronicle of his young adulthood on the streets of South East DC, Mr. Williams delivered an impassioned address to the young men. As he described his progression from violent drug dealer to accomplished author, Mr. Williams continually returned to one point: the power of your dreams.Read More